Salary: Negotiable
Duration: 12 Months
Country: England

Detailed Information


Be a proactive team manager in the overall development of the group in line with its mission, objectives, focus, core values and plans.

Ensure a strong and capable structure of professional personnel is put in place to meet the growth requirements of the group and to make the necessary contributions that will enable the group to deliver to its shareholders a good return on investment for capital employed with minimum risk.

Contribute overall to the development of the Group’s growth and development in line with company mission, objective, plan, core values.

To work with key management to develop, control and manage the Business Development Function within the group

To take responsibility for securing maximum sales for the Group and strong backlog To have a good understanding of economic and industry trends to enable the Group to focus correctly

To ensure that we are meeting and understanding the needs of our domestic and international clients through good communication.

Ability to make strong relationships with our clients so we can generate repeat business



Responsibility for Business Development within the UK across all industry sectors





  • To lead a Business Development team with to exceed or achieve target per annum for the Group. Targets will be in line with the Business Plan.
  • To sell at a profit margin in line with company policy.
  • Coordination of comprehensive market knowledge and intelligence to maximise the generation of new business.
  • Management and sharing of information with other team members and relevant Managers.
  • Ensure that all sales documentation is kept up to date and live; regularly produce and update project proforma.
  • Preparation of sales plans and strategies.
  • Making introductions/expressions of interest to Clients.
  • Using business acumen and commercial awareness to take advantage of market opportunities, e.g. using partnerships/associations with other companies to share expertise.
  • Preparation of project-specific capability presentations.
  • Preparation of overall promotional documentation for the SBU.  
  • Ensure qualification to carry out required work.
  • Ensure in-depth knowledge of the product lines; keep abreast of technical developments in the industry.
  • Actively identify and exploit new business potential.
  • Identify and report on competitor activity.      



  • To be proactive in communicating with an international client base to win maximum business.
  • To develop a thorough understanding of client needs and to deal with client requests in an appropriate manner.
  • To build and maintain good relationships with key clients; deployment of customer retention strategies.
  • Use knowledge of international business and trade to anticipate changes in the market.
  • Identify market and customer product needs in a fast moving competitive environment.


Development of Strategic Business Unit

  • Contribute to the development and workings of the Business Plan for the Group.
  • Report on sales performance in line with company requirements.



  • General Manager of UK business