Sepam has completed the E&I scope of works on the South Hook LNG plant, including Responsibility for for pre-commissioning of all instruments throughout the plant. The first phase of works was completed in January 2009, with the successful initial plant cool-down, startup and send-out occurring during Q2 2009, Sepam are currently completing the second phase of works, which is due for completion in October 2009.

Sepam Engineers & Contractors

Sepam concentrates on providing specialist engineering, procurement & contracting services for Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation and Communication scope of a project with a view to taking a defined scope on a lump sum, unit rate, or cost reimbursable basis. 

South Hook LNG Project

The construction of receiving terminal, allowing the import and regasification of LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas), is one of the largest hydrocarbon projects of its kind in Europe. A state of the art fleet of double-hulled ships will bring the LNG from Qatar's immense gasfield, to the safe, deep anchorage provided in Milford Haven. The regasification plant is where the LNG will be converted from a liquid back to a gas which will then be delivered to the UK's homes and businesses via the national grid. LNG imports will greatly increase the UK's security and diversity of gas supply while helping to ensure that natural gas remains a competitive source of energy. As the cleanest of the fossil fuels Liquefied Natural Gas has a bright future.